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How Ontarians can purchase weed is a hot topic among recreational and medical marijuana consumers, especially during these challenging times. In the interest of staying safe, more people than ever are turning to online shopping – and that includes buying cannabis. It is not too long ago when Canada fully legalized this industry, and weed […]

How Ontarians can purchase weed is a hot topic among recreational and medical marijuana consumers, especially during these challenging times. In the interest of staying safe, more people than ever are turning to online shopping – and that includes buying cannabis. It is not too long ago when Canada fully legalized this industry, and weed delivery is relatively new. Hence, there might be some trepidations and questions surrounding its reliability and safety.

Ontario’s Stand on the Purchase, Handling, and Use of Marijuana

In Ontario, individuals younger than 19 years old cannot legally purchase or use all types of marijuana products. The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) and all other accredited retail and online stores comply with this rule stringently. There are also restrictions on the location where individuals can use cannabis.

The places where one can smoke or vape cannabis are:

  • Private residence, including outdoor space like the backyard
  • Inside the unit or balcony of apartment or condominium, and only if it conforms to the building rules and lease agreement
  • Designated smoking rooms in hotels, inns, and motels
  • Residential parked vehicles or anchored boats with cooking facilities and permanent sleeping accommodations
  • Scientific research and testing facilities where cannabis use is for research and testing purposes
  • Controlled areas designated for the consumption of cannabis
  • Outdoor public places that allow regular tobacco smoking and only if it is not too close to schools, hospital, or care facilities

In public places, individuals can only bring a total of 30 grams of dried marijuana products.

Each gram of dried cannabis is equivalent to:

  • 5 grams fresh cannabis
  • 15 grams edibles
  • 70 grams liquid products
  • 0.25 grams solid or liquid concentrates
  • 1 cannabis seed

Do remember that three government levels have rules governing cannabis use – federal, provincial, and municipal. Considering that there may be future amendments to existing regulations, it is best to stay updated. In Ontario, click here to review the law on cannabis.

The last thing you want is to break the law and get fined. For the first offence, it costs CAD 1,000. As for repeated violations, it costs up to CAD 5,000 for each transgression.

As a cannabis consumer, be it recreational or medical, you should always be responsible. It means understanding its adverse effects and potential risks when intoxicated. Like alcoholic beverages, you should not drive under the influence of marijuana. If caught while under the influence, the authorities can confiscate your license, impose fines, and possibly lock you up.

Who can sell marijuana in Ontario?

All municipalities and territories of Ontario can legally sell marijuana. However, each location may have specific regulations that – although aligned with the Ontario regulations for marijuana – are unique.

Reputable retailers and online stores should always be transparent about their license, proving they can legally sell marijuana. Before brick-and-mortar stores, the safest and only legal way to purchase weed is from an online store named Ontario Cannabis Store. But as time passed, physical stores and online stores delivering weed started opening up.

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What are the benefits of having marijuana delivered to you?

Even though you are allowed to buy marijuana from dispensaries in Ontario, having the products delivered to your house is still a better option.

When you do your shopping online, you must first research or inquire if the online store can deliver the items to your address. There are online stores that would only prepare your order for pick-up after paying for them. Some online stores may charge you a delivery fee if the order does not reach their minimum amount allowed for free deliveries.

Read on to know how safe it is to have marijuana delivered to your doorstep. If not for anything else, this also serves as a guide on things to look for with an online weed delivery store or how it is more advantageous than dispensaries.

Can deliver more than the legal limit

Depending on the online store you are buying the recreational marijuana from, you may purchase more than the legal limit of 30 grams. Weed Delivery Express, for example, gives you the option of purchasing more. You cannot get into trouble carrying more than the legal limit since they will deliver the products to you. If you were to buy from a dispensary, then you cannot buy more than 30 grams.

Product quality assurance

The best weed delivery stores in Ontario have measures that protect the products during transport. In some instances, the products that arrive are in more pristine quality than bringing it home yourself. At any rate, should anything happen during transit, the store is still liable and will replace damaged or missing items.

Cash on delivery and same-day delivery options

Some online stores give you peace of mind by letting you pay after you have received and inspected the order. Weed Delivery Express, for one, does not offer any other payment method other than cash on delivery. Also, they are among the few stores that prefer delivering the products on the same day you place an order. However, if the order came after regular business hours, they make the delivery on the next business day.

Ensuring you can legally purchase weed

Sure, you can buy weed legally in Ontario. However, you should also meet the requirements. Under the age of 19, it would be illegal to purchase marijuana products. For that reason, one of the measures found on the website of online stores is age verification.

Conforming to health and safety protocols

Weed delivery packages are easy to carry – that is by design for your comfort and convenience. More importantly, it is the manner of passing the products to you that deserves appreciation. For example, your cash on delivery order arrived. Instead of accepting money hand to hand, the delivery personnel provides a zip lock bag or envelope where you can place the money. Such a measure, no matter how small or trivial it may seem, goes a long way in preventing virus transmission.

Buy from online stores that are transparent on their legal status

The provincial rules on cannabis in Ontario are reflective of the entire country – strict. And that means businesses must obtain a license before they can operate and sell cannabis products.

Online stores may not have these legal documents hanging in their stores physically. In that case, the reputable ones will be transparent about all sorts of information to appease any doubts. Before deciding on one particular online weed retailer, see if there is enough information on the website to know who and where they are and other relevant info, and compare with others.

Online purchase and delivery security and privacy

Stereotyping cannabis consumers may be on the decline but not gone. Yes, it is legal to purchase and use cannabis, yet some people frown upon the users – even for medicinal purposes. Some people may not care much about such prejudices but merely value privacy. It is the practice of online weed delivery stores to bring products to you, keeping the transaction private.

When buying from a dispensary, you never know who might be lurking outside, waiting for an opportunity to grab the weed you bought. In this regard, having the products delivered to you offers you a measure of security.

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Have Marijuana Delivered to You Today

Having the option for weed to be delivered to your location can be more beneficial and safer, especially when gatherings are risky. In a physical store, avoiding other people may not be possible. At this time, when the pandemic rages, social distancing can help reduce the risk of transmission.

If you are buying from an online marijuana delivery store for the first time, please do your due diligence. First of all, make sure that the store is legit and licensed to sell. As for the products, try opting for a cash on delivery option. That way, you can inspect the product first before paying.

One company you could check out is Weed Delivery Express. Their services areas include Concord, King City, Kleinburg, Maple, Markham, North York, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Woodbridge.

Having a wide range of marijuana-related products sold in Weed Delivery Express, you can choose which would best fit your current needs. Call them at 416-893-0025 for any of your inquiries about any marijuana or other kinds of marijuana-related products.